About this site

On 1 July 2014 it was announced that Red Ladder is to lose 100% of its Arts Council funding, as part of the government’s austerity cuts.

Frankly, given their fantastic reputation and the sustained quality of work they’ve put out for over the last 46 years, we think this is a load of old tosh.

We’ve set this little site up, because we believe in the fantastic work Red Ladder do and we think it’s important it continues.
What’s more we could see from the social media response to the announcement that so do lots of other people.

Please give Red Ladder a hand, with a donation of any size or simply by sharing this site, to help ensure that Red Ladder can continue to make fantastic and meaningful theatre for many years to come.

Oli @SaveRedLadder

PS: Although they didn’t ask us to do this (and we didn’t give them much of a choice anyway!) we want to confirm that Red Ladder endorse this site and that all donations are linked to the official Red Ladder Local Giving page (Charity no: 1037653)

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